The Digital Business Shelter

Our Private Training Group to educate and support business owners with the latest and greatest digital systems so a business can launch, grow and scale, sustainably.

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Watch the video to learn more about The Digital Business Shelter and why you should join our community.

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Are you a business owner that...


...wears 100 hats in the business between marketing, sales, delivery and management?


...can personally admit business systems aren’t effectively in place?

Image tired of sourcing specialists to level up your business without trying to figure it out yourself?


...would love to build a sustainable business online, that you can comfortably work ON, and only work IN with the parts you want to? 

This is why we created The Digital Business Shelter

Imagine a safe space where you can learn new systems and themes each month.

We believe in walking the talk when it comes to building sustainable businesses. Our goal for all of our members is to achieve a 80-20 ratio.

80% of the time working ON the business, and 20% of the time working in it (only doing what you love.)

This looks different for everyone, yet in order to do achieve this, we must be agile in our systems, and build strong interconnected teams.

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Why our group is different

Our group was formed to help achieve the growth and education of our members and clients however they chose to work with us.

We wanted a group that placed a lot of focus and emphasis in value-based content, to consistently keep digital systems and processes front of mind.

We spend a lot of time, money and resources to curate content, training and workshops to help a business owner along their digital growth journey regardless at what level they are at.

Because we have a home for our current and past clients, our active members who understand the value of investment and knowledge, we attract people who are truly ready to make an impact on their business growth, through systems, processes and sales momentum.

This is a practical group full of rich resources, whether you choose to be actively engaging or prefer to learn and grow as you go, we welcome all of our members into our business shelter. And we hope to welcome you in to!

The Digital Business Shelter is for businesses who are determined to grow sustainably, to educate themselves, and to build a business the right way.

Who this IS for:


Someone who is passionate about making a difference


Community-Based Small Business Owners


Someone who wants to have a sustainable business


Those seeking mentorship and ethical guidance

Someone who wants to create a business they can step away from wearing 100 hats to wearing just 2 (Working on the business and working in the business to do only the one thing they love)
NOTE: This is the type of community you'll be hanging out with full of like-minded people who care about impact and sustainable growth

Who this ISN'T for:


Someone who wants to grow fast and not care about client delivery


Profit-only driven business owners


 Someone who is unreliable and makes excuses about why they can’t build a business


Anyone who is looking to exploit people for their personal gain


Someone who doesn’t really care about building a business that makes an impact

NOTE: You won't find these kinds of people apart of our tribe

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The shelter uses a 4 part seasonal approach to build out your business infrastructure and look after you.

Autumn | Foundations

Mindset & Sales

Winter | Strategy

Offer & Systems

Spring | Development

Leads & Finance

Summer | Growth

Teams & Products

Your Digital Shelter inclusions


Free Guide

Brand Positioning Guide

The guide that kickstart any business into gear. This is our essential guide for building a business brand that grows and flourishes into a sustainable business.

WHat to expect:

Our top 5 tips of what a strong brand positioning should entail along with a set of emails that expand on these tips to give you the straight to the point results. Also an opportunity to ask Claudio any questions you have.

Collectibale Worksheets

Training Material

We package our training inside of worksheets for our members to download, print and recreate inside of their own visual diaries.
What to expect:
Expanded topics based on trainings we run every month and for you to answer in detail your results as you watch the trainings provided inside of the group. You'll have the opportunity to download these collectibles that are beautifully presented to support your office and collection.


Live Demos & Support

Claudio & Suzy will run monthly live demos that cover the topics and conversations over that past month, giving you a tangible demonstration for you to implement.

What to expect:

A live delivered right into the group with a purpose-based presentation designed with outcome in mind. You'll be able to attend live or re-watch the recordings asking questions, request feedback and build systems or processes alongside us.

We asked our members what they thought about our group:

- Rachel, DBS Member

- Sarah, DBS Member


Paul, DBS Member


Ester, DBS Member


Meet your primary facilitator, Claudio

  • Founder of Spiral Orb Designs, A Creative Growth and Design Agency
  • Entrepreneur of 11+ years
  • Voted 1 of 20 Top Brand Specialists of 2022 to Look Out For in Australia
  • Has Branded, Built and Sustainably Scaled 5 Brands From the Ground Up.
With a wealth of skills, knowledge and proof, Claudio will be your one of your guides to having a better business. His strength lies in brand positioning, mindset, leadership, and efficiency through business operations. With these in place you'll come out with a strong business skillset and setup that leaves you with an equity-driven business that will support your greater visions in life.

The 12 themes that The Digital Business Shelter revolves around

Make a difference in your business!

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The Digital Business Shelter is home to ECO

ECO was created to help the business owner who LOVE serving clients and bringing new business ideas and opportunities to life, but finds all the systems and foundations of business to be overwhelming.

It is a step by step systematic approach to building your business infrastructure; from banking setup, through to tax setup, building a proper brand, effective proposals, all the management systems and marketing momentum that makes doing business easy, and ultimately setting you up for a successful and profitable business.

We show, teach and guide alongside you with the overwhelming stuff in bite sized pieces. Our goal is to transition you from wearing 100 hats to only wearing 2 following our 80/20 rule. 80% working ON the business, and 20% IN the business doing what you love, all while having a highly profitable and sustainable system that works for you.

Please note: This group is also an opportunity for our members to raise their hands for custom personal solutions if they need to either build sales momentum in their business, or work-side by side to build custom management systems that buy back a business owner time, build profitable systems and step away from working in the business.

We never push sales into the group and always give the group an opportunity to at any point after our trainings to raise their hands and reach out if they would like to work with us even further. All worksheets, training and and demos are available for all Digital Business Shelter Members at no extra costs or commitments.

And lastly... Our favourite bit...

The Global ECO Vision

The ECO was created with an esoteric mission at its foundation. A way for us all to Spiral the economy through the world of collaboration and contribution, through ingenuity and innovation. Read below to see what being apart of the ECO for twelve months will allow our team to work towards.


Claudio's Vision

3D-printing housing innovation to end world-wide homelessness.

In collaboration with the visionaries who are community driven, I would love to contribute with and towards the innovation to end the housing crisis. By utilising 3D print tech, this project will become part of our billion dollar ECO contribution.

- Claudio



To build centres to support stray dogs and animals in South East Asia.

SE Asia has a massive issue with stray dogs, and with animal rights being non-existent, animals are treated poorly and used for tourist attractions. I'd love to support and grow more initiatives aimed at improving conditions for animals in Asia.

- David


Kate's Vision

To make mental health services accessible to all young adults.

To focus on inclusion that supports all young people regardless of background. I would love this to include access to holistic mental health services such as mindfulness, coaching, mentors as well as access to certified psychologist."

- Kate


Jai's Vision

To create a symbiotic sanctuary and renergise professional lives.

Imagining a space for people and animals, that which highlights all the cultures of the world in a tree-house style sanctuary. Here people from all over the world would come with family and friends to experience a richness of nature education, fun, values, motivation, beauty, care, adventure, art and culture.

- Jai


Laura's Vision

Supporting educational systems that nurture passions in children.

More room for young children to pursue their passions. Too often, we see adults giving up on their passions or returning to them much later due to the environment of our current educational institutions. By supporting educational practices that embody this diversity we can increase quality of one's life's potential.

- Laura


Josh's Vision

To assist with the integration of recently released prisoners back into society.

I’d like to help with reintegrating recently released prisoners back into society, through means of education and social /sports events. It can be pretty daunting coming back to regular society so to support institutions and programs that can provide a safe space for them, and help educate others in the process.

- Josh

See you on the inside!

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